Front-End Developer

We’re looking for a Front-End Developer to join our software team full-time.. You’ll be working alongside our developers, testers and designers, creating web applications that deliver great user experiences for our customers.

Here’s our wish-list. We don’t expect you to be an expert at all of them; if you’re good on most of them and interested in the others, that’s fine.

  • You’ve got a solid track record of building successful, interactive web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • You understand the difference between graphic design and front-end development. You know there’s more to building web applications than you can capture using Photoshop or Balsamiq alone. You know how to create, share and iterate designs for interactive user journeys – wireframes, mockups, animations and interactive prototypes.
  • You know JavaScript, HTML and CSS inside-out. You’re familiar with JavaScript frameworks, and understand the benefits – and drawbacks – of using them.
  • You know the web is a constantly evolving platform; you can make informed contributions to the discussion around embracing new technology, deprecating support for old browsers and devices, and using techniques like polyfills and preprocessors to incorporate the latest innovations and features into your workflow.
  • You understand that front-end development is as much about engineering as it is about creativity. You know how to structure and organise your code to maintain a clean logical distinction between content, presentation and behaviour. You understand the value of unit tests and integration testing, and how to apply these techniques in your projects.
  • You’ve worked in an agile environment. You know how to collaborate with UX designers, back-end developers, testers and business stakeholders to deliver working software in rapid iterations.
  • You understand accessibility, performance, progressive enhancement and responsive design. You know how to build pages and screens that look fantastic on the latest, greatest browsers and smartphones, but remain perfectly usable on older browsers and specialist devices like screen readers.

Skills & Requirements

What do we need from you?

  • Front-end web development. Strong, proven experience of developing web applications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Excellent track record of user experience, usability and interaction design.
  • Proven experience working with modern JavaScript libraries such as React, Angular.
  • Familiarity with metalanguages and preprocessors like TypeScript and SASS/SCSS
  • Experience using git or similar revision control systems. Specific experience with GitHub and the GitHub flow collaboration model would be an advantage.
  • Experience working as part of an agile team, using patterns like scrum, lean or kanban. You’ve contributed to sprint planning meetings, you’ve done daily standups, you’ve written stories and acceptance criteria, you’ve participated in code reviews and sprint retrospectives.
  • Experience creating, maintaining and using style guides and reusable components to minimise development time and promote visual consistency across multiple applications
  • Experience with building accessible websites and knowledge of WCAG
  • A bonus would be if you are experienced with JavaScript unit testing and testing frameworks

What do you get from us?

  • The chance to work with a great team of creative and technical people, building awesome products for the showbusiness industry
  • The hardware, software, tools and training that you need to do your best work
  • A competitive salary, great working conditions and a solid benefits package
  • The occasional thrilling moment when you’ll be watching TV, or at the cinema, and go “hey – they used our product to make that!”
  • This is a full-time job, working Monday-Friday at our offices in Leicester Square, London WC2H 7RJ.

How to Apply:

Please send your CV and a covering letter to telling us, in a few hundred words, who you are, what you’ve been working on recently, and why you’re the right person for this job.